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Web portal development is an end-to-end service to plan and implement a secure and user-friendly digital space to serve your customers, partners, and employees. Web portals enable self-service functions for target users and give access to services, products, information, and communication tools.

Web Portals That Can Transform Your Business

Our clients include well-known companies from real estate, insurance, logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, automotive, and other industries.

Web portals facilitate easy and convenient user engagement with services or information offered by the portal owner. If you are interested in creating a web portal of your own, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our software professionals are ready to carry out an in-depth analysis of your business, give you advice on what type to choose, develop top-notch technical features to enhance your online presence, or improve the customer experience on your website.


Auto Agent Portal catering to Dealers and agents of auto companies.

Portal has two parts, 

  • Digital showroom to upload pictures and details about the vehicle models.
  • Agent approval screens for issue of quotation and vehicle registration details

Fields related to the vehicles, 360-degree pictures, basic details about the brand, model etc. Fields related to quotation for the vehicle, request automatically emanates from Loan approval confirmation workstep of the bank’s workflow platform and subsequent approval from the agent/dealer. Post sanction and release of funds, vehicle registration details send to the Auto unit, with relevant hypothecation details.

Al-Hilal Life Insurance Portal

Based on BPM Workflow platform’s eligibility engine from customers response to health declaration, the process will be fully automated, or it will be accessed by the Insurance company underwriters for exceptional cases. Decision might be taken directly or cases where hospital medical check-up/Additional Health Disclosures are required, the feedback will be provided back to the underwriters to take final decision. Login and password to the portal for Insurance underwriters from Al Hilal Life Insurance are provided.

Fields captured during the Loan application and Health declaration fields will flow to the portal from LOS screens of the bank’s workflow platform.

Link available to Payment gateway for Customer to directly pay insurance premium/fees. Access to Underwriters in case of additional requirements

Employers Portal

From the Bank’s workflow platform, based on the customer’s employer selection, this portal will be triggered.

Employers are onboarded either as preferred or not preferred as well, HR members of the employers can access the portal as makers or checkers.

Fields captured during the loan application process; preferred employers will appear in drop down list. Option to download Agreement from portal for new employer to get registered provided.

Access to authorised personal and HR members of the Employer company:

Types of requests performed by Employers include:

  1. Employment details/contract request
  2. Conditional salary transfer letter request
  3. Release letter update
  4. Final salary transfer letter request
  5. Resignation/termination notification


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