ERP Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

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As we are in the midst of Industry 4.0, the need of the moment for your growing business is an intelligent ERP! A comprehensive ERP solution can help you function more efficiently while mastering business challenges.

With our years of experience and expertise, we at IKYAM have successfully assisted many growing businesses to digitally transform. 

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In this digital age when customers have plenty of options available at just a click of the button, it has become really difficult to retain them for a long time. Apart from this price pressures and new entrants are changing the way manufacturing businesses function. The challenges don’t end here! It is imperative for manufacturing businesses to be fully aware about the raw materials that can be hazardous for human lives and environment as well.

With so many challenges and strict industry regulations to adhere to, a robust and comprehensive ERP is a must. SAP ERP for the manufacturing industry  covers the automation of every aspect of your manufacturing business including R&D/engineering, finance, sourcing/procurement, production scheduling, sales, manufacturing, supply chain, and aftermarket service.